Dear MBAs who want to work at startups – from This is going to be BIG!

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Link: Dear MBAs who want to work at startups – from This is going to be BIG!

Love the post. This is fantastic advice for anyone who wants to work at a startup and for MBAs who are ready to move into the 21st century as far as networking. 

Every entrepreneur who’s deeply engaged in running the business has problems to solve and trying to figure out how to get a new employee excited about working on those problems takes time away from other tasks. If someone came to me and already laid out a plan for how they could tackle one of our current issues or something that’s coming down the road, it makes it such an easy decision, because now, rather that needing to explain what it is they would need to do, it’s clear they’re already thinking on the same wavelengths as my team.

The ideal startup hire should be seeking out products that they love (and use) and engaging directly with the team via their discussion forum, Twitter, Get Satisfaction with ideas and suggestions for the product.

I’m surprised more MBA programs haven’t started encouraging their students to put more effort into blogging as a networking tool. All that thinking and writing that goes on in classes – what better outlet for that than a blog focused on how you want to apply the skills and getting input from the community into your ideas. And even if you don’t want to work at a startup, there are plenty of connections to corporate America that can be made via social media, as well.

Hopefully both MBAs and MBA programs are reading this post!

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