A month of travel

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March was a busy month.  I visited my sister in Minnesota, lots of interesting folks in San Francisco, had a fun trip to San Diego and Mexico, and then a productive business trip to Europe.  Just under 17,000 miles flown and I was only home for four days in the entire month.  As those who travel with me will attest, I’m quite the professional traveler and enjoy optimizing my travel experience with tricks from my consulting days – upgrades to the Executive Lounge, skipping check-in lines with various elite status, etc..  It’s fun and it makes the travel craziness a little more bearable.

But a big difference from the big business consulting travel I’m used to was that a lot of this was on my dime.

So, why spend a month on the road, spending my own money (and more importantly, time)?  In short, I believe very much in investing in yourself.

There’s been a lot written recently about building personal brands and using social media to connect with interesting people.  Unfortunately, though, I don’t think there has been anywhere near as much written about what to do once you make these connections virtually.  And a big part of that is actually getting to know the people that you connect with that are interesting and that you can potentially collaborate with.  So, I think there’s a lot to be gained from getting on a plane every so often and meeting the people that you connect with virtually in person.  While I like Polycom’s products, there’s just no substitute for meeting someone in person, looking them in the eye, and figuring out what you have in common.

And so, for most of March, that’s what I was doing.  Which was also why this blog has been rather quiet in the last month, as well.

I’m sure that the highlights of the last month will come up in the next couple of blog posts.  In the meantime, here are some highlights that I’ve posted to Flickr.

San Francisco

Alcatraz at Sunset Fisherman's Wharf Fisherman's Wharf and San Fran in the background The famous sea lions

San Fran Cable Car Stanford's campus

I spent about a week in the Bay Area meeting with a variety of contacts.  It was great catching up with everyone that I hadn’t seen in a while and wonderful to put faces with names for those that I hadn’t met before this trip.

San Diego and Cruise to Mexico

Torrey Pines State Beach, San Diego Cute little guy in Cabo, Mexico Departing San Diego

Following San Fran, a bit of personal travel :)

London and Dublin

Dublin, Ireland Big Ben, London London

Then off to Europe for some business development.

Tottenham Spurs v Portsmouth

Tottenham Spurs v Portsmouth Tottenham Spurs v Portsmouth

A good introduction to European football.