Latest additions to the seed accelerator list

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More new programs in the world of seed accelerators. Below are the additions that were just made to the master list.

Also of note: Jüri Kaljundi created a great list of many of the programs with their upcoming application deadlines.

It was exciting to read recently about Startl’s new partnership with DreamIt Ventures. Startl is focused on improving education and is partnered with major organizations (Gates Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, IDEO) in addition to DreamIt Ventures.

I like co-founder and managing director Phoenix Wang’s view (from the Fast Company interview) on why the program was created:

Traditional foundations like the National Science Foundation give away millions every year to support lots of innovative ideas in education, but there isn’t an infrastructure that takes these ideas across the entrepreneur’s “valley of death.” If you look at the Internet industry there are incubation hubs, university labs, public/private partnerships–a fertile ground that supports different people at different stages for different purposes.
In education that layer doesn’t exist. There’s an emerging set of young players who really want to change education in fundamental ways and they have nowhere to go. It’s about money, but it’s also about the networks, expertise, cultivation, and insights to figure out how to be a good entrepreneur. So that’s how STARTL was born.

University-Affiliated Programs

Sources: Twitter, numerous blog posts. The New York student programs were listed at