New Surroundings

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As you may have noticed, I’ve ported the content of my blog from Tumblr to WordPress.  I liked the simplicity of Tumblr a lot and the fact that it handled everything for me was nice.  However, I found myself wanting to tweak things and do more with the blogging platform than Tumblr would natively allow (Embedding iFrame-based content and file attachments were two such things…).  I initially started with Tumblr because I wanted to see what blogging was like without having to worry about the mechanics of the platform.  It’s certainly nice, but the flexibility and maturity of the WordPress platform is hard to beat.

So, before things got too far advanced, I decided to make the move.  Pretty much everything should have come over seamlessly.  I’m still waiting to migrate the Disqus comments over, but the post content has been moved plus redirects for the old URLs have been setup.  For anyone else looking to make the move, Tumblr2WordPress made it very easy (I was happy to find this tool – there was lots of information on WordPress -> Tumblr, but not very much at all on moving the other direction).  Be sure to follow the instructions at the bottom on setting up redirects via htaccess for a seamless transfer.

Anyway, hopefully, you’ll enjoy the new surroundings!

  • texaseats

    Did you ever figure out how to transfer disqus comments? I’m running across that problem right now.

  • Robert Shedd

    I just submitted a support request with Disqus and they updated their DB to change the URL. There wasn’t any way for me to do it myself, at the time.