Startup Accelerator List Updates

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I’ve updated the list of accelerator programs for startups with a few new additions.

Here are the programs that were added:

Unreasonable Institute is interesting, because it is the second program I’ve found that focuses on social entrepreneurship (the first being GoodCompany Ventures in Philadelphia, PA; since this is the second in what looks to become a new category, I’ve broken these programs out separately on the master list). I think it’s great to see an increased focus on applying the concepts of entrepreneurship to social ventures. Blake Jennelle of Philadelphia’s Philly Startup Leaders has written a series of posts on bringing entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs together. I look forward to much progress emerging from this combination going forward.

Unreasonable Institute is unique in a couple of other ways, too. It specifically drives ventures to hit a specific milestone: impacting 1 million individuals – “Unreasonable Ventures won”t stop until they”ve met the needs of at least at least 1 million people”. Second, the program “costs” $6,500 to attend, “but you cannot pay to attend. Rather, individuals and organizations from all across the globe will get to select and fund you online to attend the Institute.” However, there is also much that is the same – a deep focus on mentoring and a familiar structure. It will be interesting to watch this program progress this summer.