Steve Blank mentions the Startup Accelerator List!

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Wow – when someone who has changed the thinking of entrepreneurs around the world mentions your work, it’s incredible. When they do it in a venue like the Startup Lessons Learned conference, it’s humbling.

Steve Blank’s Four Steps to the Epiphany has truly transformed the early-stage startup world. My co-founder and I both recently read the book and it changed the way we look at the process of building an early-stage startup. At the DreamIt Ventures kickoff event for this year’s cohort of startups, it was incredible to see the number of companies that are starting off the right way – with customer development first.

Imagine my surprise when my co-founder passed along Sean Murphy’s recap of Steve Blank’s SLL Conference talk with a note “Steve Blank mentioned your blog!!!!!!”. :)

Sure enough, on slide 13 of Steve’s deck, is a reference to the list of startup accelerator programs that I kicked off my return to blogging with back in January. I had been through the deck and would have missed the reference without my co-founder’s sharp eyes and Sean Murphy giving it some extra emphasis.

Wow! Thanks, Steve! It is exciting to see the ideas from your book – the better way to build a startup – clearly taking hold in the early-stage startup world. And it is encouraging to see so many entrepreneurs using a better process for changing the world. I’m happy that you found my post helpful for a part of your message!

(See slide 13 :) )

If you haven’t seen Steve Blank’s presentation from the Startup Lessons Learned conference, I highly recommend it. And if you haven’t read the book, go right now and buy a copy – it’s required reading for startups.