UK Government Calls for Food Labels to Show Carbon Footprint

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Link: UK Government Calls for Food Labels to Show Carbon Footprint

It’s very interesting and exciting to see that the UK is going to begin asking manufacturers to label food products with the carbon impact.  I’ve often thought that it would begin an important shift in consumer purchasing decision making if consumers could see more visibly the carbon footprint of the products they purchase.  In order for consumer behavior to truly shift to making smarter buying decisions, we need this information.

Supermarket food in the UK will be labeled to show its carbon footprint, country of origin and animal welfare standards as part of the government’s new food strategy for the next 20 years, reports the Telegraph. The voluntary  “green” food labels will show how much carbon was produced in the manufacture and transportation of food, according to the article.

This is a continuation and extension of what will hopefully become a growing trend in requiring manufacturers to label their products to show how green they may or may not be.  Earlier in 2009, Walmart began asking suppliers to label their products with an eco-rating.