Legal Innovation for Startups from Legal River

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Link: Legal Innovation for Startups from Legal River

Legal River, a LaunchBox Digital company, recently launched a Terms of Service generator and a similar tool for creating Privacy Policies.

Along with their new StackOverflow-style Q&A forum, I think these are great moves for the company.  Granted, there are many nuances and details that must be considered and each company is different, there are also a number of common legal questions and action items that startups have.  Thus, it would be a real savings if there was a common checklist and resource to accomplish these without having to pay the lawyer bills.  After all, most lawyers just pull these things out of their document repository and simply customize them for each client.  The more that startups can do this on their own, the more we can save the legal dollars for when it really matters.

These recent offerings from Legal River, in my opinion, are much, much more valuable than their initial lawyer search engine (when we started this past spring, we just asked around in the community for lawyer recommendations – I don’t think we would have trusted an online search engine to find us a reliable attorney).

This touches on what Dave McClure wrote about back in 2007 – innovate and automate.  Nearly three years later, not much has changed.  It’s good to see some innovation.