More startup accelerators – the list of programs grows from 77 to 93

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It’s been a busy month or so in the accelerator space – there are quite a few new accelerators that I’ve come across to add to the master list since it was last updated. The list pre-update was 77 programs long; with this update there are now 93 on the list.

First, some noteworthy accelerator news:

  • Lots of rumblings around BootupLabs in Vancouver. Check out the detailed post here.
  • A new seed investment model came on the scene: Right Side Capital, apparently coming in the 2nd half of 2010, the program will be making 100 – 200 investments annually. Not only is the volume a differentiator, but the fund will also be providing support through an advisory board, a model necessitated by the large number of startups that will be passing through the program. TechCrunch provided this: “Kevin Dick says that they will set up educational sessions and events for portfolio companies, but will not be able to provide significant one-to-one mentoring for early-stage companies.” So, how much of an accelerator versus an investment engine Right Side Capital will be remains to be seen. More in this blog post.
  • Launchbox Digital is opening an office in the RTP area. Based on other articles, it seems that what’s happening is the existing Triangle Startup Factory is being “folded into” Launchbox Digital’s program in RTP and the founder of Triangle Startup Factory, Chris Heivly, will run the RTP branch. Is this be the first merger of accelerator programs? Is this a space that we’ll see further consolidation in?
  • IBM is launching its own startup accelerator, IBM Smartcamp, to help the tech giant partner with startups development the technology critical for IBM’s ‘smarter planet’ initiative. A specific post about this here.
  • Some details emerged on the Start VI program from Belfast. First, the meaning of the ‘six’ in the name: “…that ‘SIX’ “š… it’s six companies, for six months at 6%.” Also, the program will be virtual: “StartVI is also virtual. (Another play on ‘VI’=Virtual Incubator). … meeting, conferencing, mentoring, presenting, discussing, deciding can all be achieved without face-to-face contact. That’s not to say there won’t be any in-person contact-just that lacking it won’t stop progress. Eliminating the tyranny of time and distance-shifts enables StartVI to bring mentors and advisors from around the world to bear on StartVI companies. A small, but enthusiastic group of successful entrepreneurs and executives from Silicon Valley have already offered their time to support this effort.” It will be interesting to hear what entrepreneurs participating in the program think of this model.
  • Interestingly, a program has been launched that falls into both the Social Entrepreneurship and University-Affiliated categories – and it’s based in one of my favorite places, Bar Harbor, ME! The College of the Atlantic recently announced its new Sustainable Ventures Incubator
  • And the launch of another program in Utah (two are being added to the list this month): Startup Utah — an interesting sidetone, though – either they’re confused about the location they’re running the program at or either they copied the app form from TechRanch or they’re running Startup Utah from Austin? Not sure, but their application form mentions Austin, TX: Application Form Here
  • The Houston Chronicle reported that an accelerator program may be launching in the city in time for the summer.
  • New possible accelerator coming in Montreal, Canada – FounderFuel Ventures
  • Not an addition per se, but some accelerator news: The Difference Engine is following its teams and compiling a video series similar to TechStars.TV about the process. Watch it here:

Now for the programs being added:

Seed-Stage Accelerators

Startup Accelerator List Updates

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I’ve updated the list of accelerator programs for startups with a few new additions.

Here are the programs that were added:

Unreasonable Institute is interesting, because it is the second program I’ve found that focuses on social entrepreneurship (the first being GoodCompany Ventures in Philadelphia, PA; since this is the second in what looks to become a new category, I’ve broken these programs out separately on the master list). I think it’s great to see an increased focus on applying the concepts of entrepreneurship to social ventures. Blake Jennelle of Philadelphia’s Philly Startup Leaders has written a series of posts on bringing entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs together. I look forward to much progress emerging from this combination going forward.

Unreasonable Institute is unique in a couple of other ways, too. It specifically drives ventures to hit a specific milestone: impacting 1 million individuals – “Unreasonable Ventures won”t stop until they”ve met the needs of at least at least 1 million people”. Second, the program “costs” $6,500 to attend, “but you cannot pay to attend. Rather, individuals and organizations from all across the globe will get to select and fund you online to attend the Institute.” However, there is also much that is the same – a deep focus on mentoring and a familiar structure. It will be interesting to watch this program progress this summer.